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Gibeah of Saul
by Galyn Wiemers, Generation Word

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Gibeah of Saul was 3 miles north of Jerusalem.

The war described in the book of Judges between the eleven tribes of Israel with the tribe of Benjamin began because of Gibeah’s immortality. Saul was from Gibeah.

Gibeah in the Bible:

Jos.18:28, Gibeah in Behmamins’ land;
Jud.19:10-26, Men of Gibeah rape and murder a Levites’ concubine;
1Sm.10:26;11:4, Saul comes from Gibeah;
First Sm.13:2,15;14:2,16, Saul’s military forces stationed near Gibeah;
2 Sm.21:4-9, Gibeonites were given permission by David to kill 7 sons of Saul in Gibeah to avenge Saul’s sin against them;
Hosea 5:8, citizens of Gibeah fled when Assyrians invade in 701 BC.